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clock Style: French Alabaster
Comment:Very old elegant clock with some damage and some repair.
Stock Number:1563
Case: Alabaster. 17 1/2" tall.
Works:French 8 day time and strike on bell movement.
Status: For Sale @ $ 1,225.00 plus P&S.
Year: c. 1790 - 1820.
Reference: The French Marble Clock by Nicolas M. Thorpe
Condition: Case: As shown with a lot of damage and some poor repair. ; Works: Excellent.
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Close up.
French on dial.
Side 3 showing brass insert.
Great Dial.
Mediallion in urn center.
Poor repair
Detail of front with some points broken.
Detail of top.
Right Side, top.
Detail of top.
Broken arm of urn but remains structurally sound.
Last one.
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